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Zeng W.-S.,Academy of Forest Inventory and Planning
Forest Research | Year: 2014

Taking Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata), the most important coniferous species in southern China, as the study object, the compatible two-entry and single-entry (diameter at breast height-DBH, and diameter at root collar-DRC) volume equations, height-DBH regression model, and DRC-DBH regression model were established using the error-in-variable simultaneous equation approach. Based on the three height-DBH models and two DRC-DBH models, four compatible volume equation systems were established simultaneously, which were compared with six statistics. The results show that the compatible volume equation system composed of simple height-DBH model and DRC-DBH model is quite sound, the mean prediction error (MPE) of two-entry volume equation is 1.31% and the MPE's of single-entry equations based on DBH and DRC are 3.66% and 7.39%, respectively. The tree volume equations developed in this paper can be applied for volume estimation of Chinese fir forests under different circumstances. Source

Zhang X.,Chinese Academy of Sciences | Zhang X.,Academy of Forest Inventory and Planning | Zhang X.,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences | Lu X.,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Ecological Economics | Year: 2010

Understanding total ecosystem value is useful for decision making and sustainable management. This paper demonstrates how to integrate social factors into the ecosystem service appraisal with a social welfare weight using the Ruoergai Plateau Marshes as a case study. The AHP method is used to determine the social welfare weight. With analyses of the Ruoergai Plateau Marshes' functions, stakeholders and ecosystem services, a three-level hierarchical structure model is established. After each ecosystem service was calculated, the total value of the Ruoergai Plateau Marshes is determined by introducing the social welfare weight. After including the social welfare weight, the value of the Ruoergai Plateau Marshes ecosystem services increases from US$2.31 billion to US$9.97 billion. © 2009 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. Source

Zeng W.-S.,State Forestry Administration | Zeng W.-S.,Academy of Forest Inventory and Planning
Trees - Structure and Function | Year: 2014

Key message: Based on above- and below-ground biomass measurements from 604 and 212 sample trees respectively, aboveground biomass models for different origins didn’t have significant difference while belowground biomass models did.Abstract: Based on the measurement data of aboveground biomass from 604 sample trees and belowground biomass from 212 sample trees of Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata) and Masson pine (Pinus massoniana) in southern China, the individual tree above- and below-ground biomass models involving forest origin were developed using nonlinear mixed model and dummy variable model approaches, and the effect of forest origin on biomass models was analyzed. The results showed that the aboveground biomass models for different origins had no significant difference, while the belowground biomass models were significantly different; and the belowground biomass estimate of a natural tree was highly greater than that of a planted tree with the same diameter and height. Specially, the belowground biomass estimates of natural trees were nearly 30 % and about 45 % greater than those of planted trees for Chinese fir and Masson pine, respectively. The mean prediction errors of aboveground biomass models and belowground biomass models developed in this study were less than 5 % and 15 %, respectively, which meant the biomass models could be applied to estimate forest biomass of the two species at large scale. © 2014, Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. Source

Gong M.,Academy of Forest Inventory and Planning
Dong wu xue yan jiu = Zoological research / "Dong wu xue yan jiu" bian ji wei yuan hui bian ji | Year: 2012

Population viability analysis (PVA) is a tool to evaluate the risk of extinction for endangered species and aid conservation decision-making. The quality of PVA output is dependent on parameters related to population dynamics and life-history; however, it has been difficult to collect this information for the giant panda (Aliuropoda melanoleuca), a rare and endangered mammal native to China, confined to some 30 fragmented habitat patches. Since giant pandas are long-lived, mature late, have lower reproductive rates, and show little sexual dimorphism, obtaining data to perform adequate PVA has been difficult. Here, we develop a parameter sensitivity index by modeling the dynamics of six giant panda populations in the Minshan Mountains, in order to determine the parameters most influential to giant panda populations. Our data shows that the giant panda populations are most sensitive to changes in four female parameters: initial breeding age, reproductive rate, mortality rate between age 0 and 1, and mortality rate of adults. The parameter sensitivity index strongly correlated with initial population size, as smaller populations were more sensitive to changes in these four variables. This model suggests that demographic parameters of females have more influence on the results of PVA, indicating that females may play a more important role in giant panda population dynamics than males. Consequently, reintroduction of female individuals to a small giant panda population should be a high priority for conservation efforts. Our findings form a technical basis for the coming program of giant panda reintroduction, and inform which parameters are crucial to successfully and feasibly monitoring wild giant panda populations. Source

Jiang Z.-G.,CAS Wuhan Institute of Hydrobiology | Jiang Z.-G.,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences | Gao E.-H.,Academy of Forest Inventory and Planning | Zhang E.,CAS Wuhan Institute of Hydrobiology
Zootaxa | Year: 2012

Microphysogobio nudiventris, new species, is described from the Du-He, a tributary flowing into the Han-Jiang of the middle Chang-Jiang (Yangtze River) basin, in Zhushan County, Hubei Province, South China. It belongs in the incompletely scaled group of this genus, but differs from all other species of this group except M. yaluensis, M. rapidus, and M. wulonghensis in the presence of a scaleless midventral region of the body extending more than two-thirds of the distance from the pectoral-fin insertion to the pelvic-fin insertion. This new species differs from M. yaluensis in the slightly concave or straight distal edge of the dorsal fin, interorbital width, and snout length; from M. rapidus in the number of perforated scales on the lateral line and number of pectoral-fin rays, and the placement of the anus; and from M. wulonghensis in having the two lateral lobes of the lower lip posteromedially disconnected, the shape of the median mental pad of the lower lip, and the number of circumpeduncular scales. Copyright © 2001-2012 Magnolia Press. Source

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