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Mysliwiec A.,Academy of Physical Education in Katowice | Saulicz E.,Academy of Physical Education in Katowice | Saulicz E.,Academy of Business in Dabrowa Gornicza | Kuszewski M.,Academy of Physical Education in Katowice | And 5 more authors.
Advances in Clinical and Experimental Medicine | Year: 2014

Background. Among the procedures used in the therapy of spinal pain syndromes one of the most frequently recommended is the cervical traction. The methods of performing the traction are varied. Objectives. It was decided to examine in the research whether the abduction and external rotation of the brachium, causing relaxation of the pectoral girdle muscles as well as the cervical spine, affects the quality and efficiency of traction in the patient's subjective assessment and the changes in the cervical spine range of motion. Material and Methods. Fifty subjects aged 20 to 42 were involved in the study, including 26 women and 24 men. The criterion of inclusion into the research project was the age between 20 and 40 years and the result of questionnaire containing the NDI scale for evaluation of the degree of dysfunction of the cervical spine, ranging in value between 5 and 14 points. The admitted group of 50 subjects was randomly divided into two experimental groups. The traction of the cervical spine was performed twice in both groups by means of the Saunders device. In the first group used the traditional positing, with the upper extremities placed along the torso, was adapted as first whereas in the second group the modified position was applied, in which the upper extremities were in the external rotation in abduction and with flexion in the cubital articulation, in other words the patients placed their hands next to head. In both cases the patient was in the supine position on a therapeutic table with a support roll under the knees. Results. The evaluation of the cervical spine range of motion pointed, that in both position all the obtained differences proved statistical significance. The subjects taking part in the research claimed that the procedure performed by means of the traditional method was more pleasant. Conclusions. No significant difference was discovered in the effectiveness of the suggested positioning of the arms during performing the traction procedure of the cervical spine. The modified position caused greater sensation of discomfort than position with traditional arrangement of the arms © Copyright by Wroclaw Medical University.

Mysliwiec A.,Academy of Physical Education in Katowice | Posluszny A.,Joseph Tischner Special Schools | Saulicz E.,Academy of Physical Education in Katowice | Saulicz E.,Academy of Business in Dabrowa Gornicza | And 8 more authors.
Journal of Human Kinetics | Year: 2015

Atlanto-axial instability (AAI) is a developmental anomaly often occurring in persons with Down's syndrome (DS). According to various reports, AAI affects from 6.8 to 27% of the population with DS. The aim of this review was to illustrate the issue of AAI with regard to the progressively changing state of scientific knowledge. The extended distance between the rear surface of the frontal arcus of the C1 cervical vertebra and the anterior surface of C2 cervical vertebra dens (anterior atlanto-odontoid distance, AAOD) indicates the occurrence of AAI and is detectable through Xray examination. Hypoplasia of the C2 dens, also detectable through X-ray examination, is another suggested risk factor for AAI. According to current data, the methodology of taking measurements is inconsistent, which leads to errors in interpretation. As research focusing on AAI was progressing, new data emerged from other studies on persons with DS, suggesting that neurological symptoms in persons with DS that indicated the occurrence of spinal cord compression were an important factor in medical imaging detection of AAI. One of the main arguments supporting this thesis is that in isolated cases spinal cord (SC) damage was noted during screening examinations conducted on a large population of subjects. Moreover, cases in which the neurological symptoms indicate spinal cord compression existed long before the occurrence of the actual damage also remain of significant importance. Therefore, it is necessary to promote neurological studies on persons with DS to enable early diagnosis of spinal cord compression and, at the same time, reduce the use of medical imaging in cases of neurological symptoms. © 2015 Andrzej Mysliwiec et al.

Rostanski M.,Academy of Business in Dabrowa Gornicza | Grochla K.,Proximetry Poland | Seman A.,Proximetry Poland
2014 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems, FedCSIS 2014 | Year: 2014

The paper presents a performance evaluation of message broker system, Rabbit MQ in high availability - enabling and redundant configurations. Rabbit MQ is a message queuing system realizing the middleware for distributed systems that implements the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol. The scalability and high availability design issues are discussed. Since HA and performance scalability requirements are in conflict, scenarios for using clustered RabbitMQ nodes and mirrored queues are presented. The results of performance measurements are reported. © 2014 Polish Information Processing Society.

Chramcov B.,Tomas Bata University in Zlin | Marecki F.,Academy of Business in Dabrowa Gornicza | Bucki R.,Institute of Management and Information Technology
Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing | Year: 2015

The paper highlights the mathematical model of the assembly process for the automated line as well as sequence control algorithms for the assembled version of objects. The automatic assembly line control requires numerical simulation. Minimizing the assembly time of all objects or maximizing the number of assembled objects within the given time are treated as optimization criteria. Specification of the robot assembly line is described in detail as well as the method of controlling the order of manufactured objects. The equations of state of an automatic assembly line are presented. The simulation model includes heuristic algorithms for control determining of the assembly line. The assembly process in a line can be modeled with different assumptions. © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015.

Bibrzycki L.,Academy of Business in Dabrowa Gornicza | Kaminski R.,Polish Academy of Sciences
EPJ Web of Conferences | Year: 2014

Tensor meson photoproduction is described as either a direct production process or a consequence of the final state ππ interactions. We calculate the mass distributions for selected partial waves and confront our predictions with the measurements of the CLAS experiment. We also point out the structures in the photoproduction amplitudes which may result in observable effects able to indicate the dominant tensor meson photoproduction mechanism © Owned by the authors, published by EDP Sciences, 2014.

Sroka W.,Academy of Business in Dabrowa Gornicza
9th International Conference on Strategic Management and its Support by Information Systems, 2011 | Year: 2011

Nowadays inter-organizational cooperation is widely used by many companies. This phenomenon has been gaining its momentum for the last two decades. The strategy may be useful for different companies irrespective of their size, because inter-organizational cooperation is regarded as a critical aspect of competition in a variety of industries. On the other hand, alliance constellations are one of the most specific features of global corporations. For example, in many sectors we can observe hierarchical galaxies with the groups of leading corporations that are surrounded by the satellite-type companies. Therefore the main goal of the paper is the probe to answer the question whether alliance constellations are the main growth form of global corporations. The article is based on the latest world literature devoted to the cooperative strategies as well as the practical business experience of the author from the work in one of the leading global corporations operating in steel sector.

Piontek F.,Academy of Business in Dabrowa Gornicza | Piontek B.,Academy of Business in Dabrowa Gornicza
Problemy Ekorozwoju | Year: 2014

In the 20th century, in the late 1990s and through the turn of the century, a lot of attention was paid to the so-called contemporary concepts of development. Simply speaking, it should be noted that those who discuss the concepts present their advantages and disadvantages, their common features, such as globality and a promise of happiness of the future generations, undefined in terms of time. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the so-called contemporary concept of development, in terms of the criteria that diversify them. We accept the following hypothesis for such a purpose: there are two subsets of the criteria diversifying the contemporary concepts of development: the criteria of the philosophical nature, which diversify the development concepts ex ante: the relationship to existence and action, the relationship to axioms and natural law and to paradigms and the relationship to individual types of capital (economic, human and natural); the criteria of the practical nature diversifying the contemporary concepts of development ex post, i.e. from the point of view of results in the real dimension: the relationship to consciousness, the relationship to the market, state and money, the relationship to technology, and the method of transforming contemporary global concepts into models of the local development. The paper gives the opportunity for further research, it presents issues, which should be a subject of multi-faceted analysis, and which include the basic issue: does the subject scope of a properly defined category of development include and can it accept the multitude of so-called concepts of development?

Sroka W.,Academy of Business in Dabrowa Gornicza | Jablonski A.,Academy of Business in Dabrowa Gornicza | Jablonski M.,Academy of Business in Dabrowa Gornicza
Metalurgija | Year: 2013

The paper presents the concept of cooperative business models in steel enterprises in Poland. The starting point is the presentation of the concept of business models, which is defined as a way of doing business based on cooperation between enterprises. This paper presents two collaborative business models, namely outsourcing and alliance networks, comparing the theoretical assumptions with the results of research carried out in steel enterprises in Poland.

Bukowski L.A.,Academy of Business in Dabrowa Gornicza | Feliks J.,Polish Academy of Sciences
Safety and Reliability: Methodology and Applications - Proceedings of the European Safety and Reliability Conference, ESREL 2014 | Year: 2015

Nowadays the manufacturing and logistic systems, and especially global supply networks, become more and more complex, sophisticated and expensive. They operate in an environment of dynamic changes, disturbances, disruptions threats and uncertainty that is related to market behaviour. The typical methods of lean management, based on traditional policies, under this risky work conditions, are for those systems not sufficient and the rules of crises management are not efficient enough. The objective of this paper is to come up with a new unified concept of systems dependability and process continuity management for complex supply chains and especially for global supply networks. The core idea of the overall concept is based on the experiences gained in the area of so called dependable computing, as well as that in the field of the resilience engineering. © 2015 Taylor & Francis Group.

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