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Wang K.,Academy of Armored force Engineering | Zheng Y.J.,Zhejiang University of Technology
Applied Intelligence | Year: 2012

Armored vehicle design is a complex constrained optimization problem which often involves a number of fuzzy and stochastic parameters. In this paper, a fuzzy optimization problem model of armored vehicle scheme design is presented, and a new particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm is proposed for effectively solving the problem. The problem model uses fuzzy variables to evaluate the objective function and constraints of the problem. The algorithm employs multiple ranking criteria to define three global bests of the swarm, makes different quality particles learning from different global bests, and thus search effectively through the solution space by means of multi-criteria optimization. Experiment results show that our approach can achieve good solution quality with low computational costs. © 2012 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Xu B.-S.,Academy of Armored force Engineering
Cailiao Rechuli Xuebao/Transactions of Materials and Heat Treatment | Year: 2010

Remanufacturing engineering is the senior stage of maintenance engineering and surface engineering, and the important part of advanced manufacturing, and the industrialization for the waste products with repair and reformation. The character, named as "two-oriented society and 567", has been held by remanufacturing engineering. The demand from the rapid economy and society development to remanufacturing in China is very urgent, and the preliminary application of remanufacturing has obtained the obvious effect of energy-saving and discharge-reducing. Around the world, the relatively perfect remanufacturing system has been set up in USA. In the recent 10 years, remanufacturing in China develops quickly, especially in policy, industry and theory of remanufaturing, and now China becomes one of the international remanufacturing centers. The front of remanufacturing could be generalized as "exploring the foundational theory, innovating the key technology, establishing the industrial standard".

He Y.,Zhejiang University | Xu H.,Academy of Armored force Engineering
Zhongguo Dianji Gongcheng Xuebao/Proceedings of the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering | Year: 2014

With the rapid development of renewable energy technology and its industrial levels, the wind-power generation has become a production pattern of new energies with the most development prospects at present. Due to the actual grid condition of our country, the adaptability to the practical grid has also become the important factors to be seriously considered in the further development of modern wind-turbine technology. The adaptability to the grid for a wind-turbine includes grid voltage sag or swell, grid unbalance, grid voltage harmonic distortion, etc. About this, aimed at doubly-fed induction generator (DFIG) and via analyzing the mechanisms of grid faults and the deficiency of modern wind-power technique, the paper proposed a solution scheme of adopting resonant control with the emphasizing on the discussion about the advantage of resonant control, the consideration of engineering realization and the application on enhancing the adoptability of DFIG to the grid. © 2014 Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering.

Ma D.,Academy of Armored force Engineering | Wo Ong C.,Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Journal of Materials Research | Year: 2010

In our previous study, we modeled the indentation performed on an elastic-plastic solid with a rigid conical indenter by using finite element analysis, and established arelationship between a nominal hardness/reduced Young's modulus (Hn/Er) andunloadingwork/totalindentation work (WeWt). The elasticity of the indenter was absorbed in E r = 1/[(1 - v2)/E + (1 - Vi2)/E i,where Ei, and vi are the Young's modulus and Poisson's ratio of the indenter, and E and v are those of the indented material.However,recalculation by directly introducing the elasticity of the indenter show that the use ofEr alone cannot accurately reflect the combined elastic effect of the indenterand indented material, but the ratio η = [E/(1 - v2)]/[Ei/(1approximate H n/Ec-We/Wt relationship is almost independent ofselected η values over 0-0.3834, which can be used to give good estimates of η as verified by experimental results. © 2010 Materials Research Society.

Li Y.-D.,Academy of Armored force Engineering | Li Y.-D.,Yonsei University | Lee K.Y.,Yonsei University
Engineering Fracture Mechanics | Year: 2010

Interface fracture of a multiferroic composite is studied by the methods of integral transform and singular integral equation. Parametric studies on the stress intensity factor yield three conclusions. (a) The multiferroic composite is more likely to fracture in electric field than in magnetic field. (b) Under magnetostriction, piezomagnetic stiffening does not affect the interface crack, but the influence of piezoelectric stiffening is notable. Under electrostriction, inverse results are obtained. (c) In magnetic loading cases, the piezomagnetic layer should be softer and the piezoelectric strip stiffer; however, if electric loading is applied instead, opposite conclusion should be expected. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Li Y.-D.,Academy of Armored force Engineering | Li Y.-D.,Yonsei University | Lee K.Y.,Yonsei University
Engineering Fracture Mechanics | Year: 2010

For the first time, real fundamental solutions are proposed for in-plane magnetoelectroelastic governing equations. Dislocation simulation method is used to derive singular integral equations for collinear unequal crack series under mode I loadings. Special cases of a single crack and two collinear equal cracks are used to validate the proposed solution. The effects of crack space, crack length and magnetic/electric loading are discussed. Real fundamental solutions have an advantage over complex fundamental solutions, because real analyses are more straightforward than complex analyses. Moreover, the model of collinear unequal cracks is more practical than that of collinear equal cracks. © 2010 Elsevier Ltd.

Zhu S.,Academy of Armored force Engineering
Jixie Gongcheng Xuebao/Journal of Mechanical Engineering | Year: 2013

New requirement of remanufacturing industry development to digital and intelligence direction promote the development of mobile additive remanufacturing technology which is a core technology of remanufacturing engineering. The connotation and character of mobile additive remanufacturing technology are expatiated and relative research works at the mobile additive remanufacturing technology are introduced briefly. The research results indicate that the exploited mobile additive remanufacturing system possess the advantages such as good flexibility, high forming efficiency, wide application scope. Independent innovated reversing and modeling technology ensure the scanning and data processing precision and efficiency. Shape exact controlling can come true by the hybrid process combining additive technology with subtractive technology in mobile additive remanufacturing course. The prepared intensivism material may effectively reduce remanufacturing material kinds. The exploited magnetism controlling additive remanufacturing technology which can also make crystal grain thin and decrease structure defect may apply in aluminium alloy part remanufacturing. © 2013 Journal of Mechanical Engineering.

Liu G.,Academy of Armored force Engineering
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2012

when the artillery gun, high temperature propellant gas and cartridge friction would bring serious thermal-influence to the Gun-barrel, they were erosion, abrasion, thermal stress and thermal deformation, and so on. All these would reduce the muzzle velocity, cannon-shot and accuracy, and limit the performance of guns, so its become the restrictions to improve gun power. From some research, all these bad influence relate on the temperature. In order to reduce these bad influence we would know the temperature change during gunning. So it is important to accurately measure the temperature of inner Gun-barrel bore, it is main aim of the paper. In this paper we would utilize the heat-transfer theory to study the temperature distributing in the canal, and apply the film-thermocouple sensor to measure the transient temperature distribute and apply Microcontroller-unit(MCU) technology to deal with these collected data, and then. We would apply compiled software that base on the extrapolation method to calculate the canal temperature. The temperature would offer a reference for take some methods to debase the canal interior temperature. Through some practice measure, the experiment data could arrive at the anticipative aim. © (2012) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Ma D.-J.,Academy of Armored force Engineering
Zhongguo Youse Jinshu Xuebao/Chinese Journal of Nonferrous Metals | Year: 2010

The instrumented indentation tests were analyzed by employing dimensional theorem and finite element method. A combined elastic modulus, Ec, was introduced to accurately reflect the combined elastic effect of an indenter and an indented material. Consequently, an approximate relationship between the ratio of nominal hardness to the combined elastic modulus and the ratio of unloading work to total work in indentation was revealed. Based on the relationship, a new method was then proposed for determining elastic modulus of materials, and its accuracy was analyzed. The effectiveness of the method was examined by several experimental examples.

Li Y.-D.,Academy of Armored force Engineering | Zhao H.,Academy of Armored force Engineering | Zhang N.,Academy of Armored force Engineering
International Journal of Solids and Structures | Year: 2013

The purpose of the present work is to study the mixed mode fracture of a piezoelectric-piezomagnetic composite with two un-coaxial cracks parallel to the interface and each in a layer. Methods of generalized dislocation simulation, Green's function, Cauchy singular integral equation and Lobatto-Chebyshev collocation are combined together to get the numerical results of mechanical strain energy release rate (MSERR). Three kinds of effects are revealed by parametric studies, i.e.; the free-surface effect, the shielding effect and the interference effect, and they are used to interpret the characteristics of COD and MSERR curves. In addition, the effects of shear loading, magnetic loading and electric loading on MSERR are also disclosed, respectively, by varying the corresponding loading factor. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

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