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Dallas, TX, United States

Energy Absorption Systems Inc. | Date: 2013-10-22

A frangible post captures and holds a cable anchor to a guardrail. The post breaks when struck by a vehicle, releasing the cable. The frangible post may include hinge members, which bias the post so that weakened sections are put in tension when the post is struck, thereby ensuring that the post breaks cleanly and the cable is released when the post is struck. A method of releasing a cable anchor includes impacting the post, biasing the weakened sections so that they are in tension, breaking the post, and releasing the cable anchor. The post may be configured with a notch to engage the cable anchor, which is then released from the notch as the post is broken.

Energy Absorption Systems Inc. | Date: 2014-03-13

A delineator system includes an anchor having an end portion and a post extending along a longitudinal direction and having an end portion overlapping with the end portion of the anchor. The overlapping end portions are coupled together with an engagement member. A protective collar is moveable relative to the post and the anchor along the longitudinal direction from a non-installed position to an installed position. The protective collar is disposed over and covers the overlapping end portions and the engagement member when in the installed position. Methods of manufacturing and installing a post, and other delineator systems and delineator posts are also provided.

Energy Absorption Systems Inc. | Date: 2014-03-13

A pavement marker includes a plastic base having an exposed upper surface, a reflector supported by the plastic base, and a metal rub rail coupled to the plastic base. The rub rail has an exposed rub surface positioned above the exposed upper surface of the plastic base. Methods of making and installing a pavement marker are also provided.

Energy Absorption Systems Inc. | Date: 2014-09-04

A crash attenuator includes a frame having a first frame member and a second frame member rigidly connected with a hinge assembly in a pre-impact configuration. The first and second frames are hingedly connected with the hinge assembly in an impact configuration, wherein the hinge assembly comprises a living hinge when the hinge assembly is in the impact configuration. A method of using the crash attenuator is also provided.

Energy Absorption Systems Inc. | Date: 2011-04-19

Traffic delineators, namely, portable non-metal traffic barriers.

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