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Abraxas was a word of mystic meaning in the system of the Gnostic Basilides, being there applied to the “Great Archon” , the princeps of the 365 spheres . The seven letters spelling its name may represent each of the seven classic planets—Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.The word is found in Gnostic texts such as the Holy Book of the Great Invisible Spirit, and also appears in the Greek Magical Papyri. It was engraved on certain antique gemstones, called on that account Abraxas stones, which were used as amulets or charms. As the initial spelling on stones was 'Abrasax' , the spelling of 'Abraxas' seen today probably originates in the confusion made between the Greek letters Sigma and Xi in the Latin transliteration. The word may be related to Abracadabra, although other explanations exist.There are similarities and differences between such figures in reports about Basilides's teaching, ancient Gnostic texts, the larger Greco-Roman magical traditions, and modern magical and esoteric writings. Opinions abound on Abraxas, who in recent centuries has been claimed to be both an Egyptian god and a demon. The Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung wrote a short Gnostic treatise in 1916 called The Seven Sermons to the Dead, which called Abraxas a god higher than the Christian God and devil that combines all opposites into one being. Wikipedia.

MacKay S.,Center for Addiction and Mental Health | Feldberg A.,Abraxas | Ward A.K.,Ryerson University
Criminal Justice and Behavior | Year: 2012

Firesetting by juveniles results in billions of dollars of property loss, thousands of burn injuries, and hundreds of deaths each year. A review that specifically focuses on adolescents' role in this devastating and costly behavior is not available. To address this gap, the current article reviews the past 30+ years of literature on adolescent firesetters, examining topics such as models of firesetting behavior, risk factors and correlates of adolescent firesetting, diagnostic issues, assessment tools and approaches, and current interventions. The article concludes with a discussion of goals for the field, including the development of relevant criteria for pathological firesetting. © 2012 International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology.

Hansen S.J.,Abraxas
Energy Engineering: Journal of the Association of Energy Engineering | Year: 2013

At the risk of seeming very, very old, I recall the "Oil Embargo of 1973" and it seems like the world water crisis is frighteningly similar. Right now water is more in demand and shorter in supply than ever. Will we need something like the long gas lines to make us aware we have a problem? A few visionaries have been willing to step forward to address this issue. Unfortunately, a huge number of people are in denial.As heart wrenching as it is to think of children in an African village without drinkable water, we need to recognize that this is not just a problem in far-off lands. Las Vegas' water source, Lake Mead, is dropping dramatically. San Diego is spending billions on a new desalination plant, the aquifer in the Midwest is dropping alarmingly.We have found "alternative energy" over the years. Finding "alternative water" will not be so easy.It seems imperative to alert many of our energy colleagues as to the critical water crisis we have before us. It is very difficult to seriously address yet another major problem when economic conditions are so uncertain around the world, but address it we must. The longer we wait, the more costly it will be. We can cut back on water, we can use it more efficiently, we can process grey water for non-potable (and maybe potable) purposes, but we cannot do without it! It is absolutely essential to life. Believe me when I say, "No water is as costly as NO WATER!" © Taylor & Francis.

Avina J.,Abraxas
Energy Engineering: Journal of the Association of Energy Engineering | Year: 2013

There are a few problems that work against you when trying to find a company to perform a good energy audit. • Everybody and their brother now claims to do energy audits.• Nobody quite agrees on exactly what an energy audit is. In this article, I will cover these problems and tell you how to select a quality energy auditor without being ripped off. © Copyright Taylor & Francis.

News Article | August 17, 2012
Site: www.zdnet.com

Conspiracy theorists have linked Abraxas Applications' TrapWire to anonymous web browsing software Anonymizer via Abraxas Corp. -- while Cubic Corporation, parent company of Abraxas Corp. has denied any affiliation to TrapWire. Open and shut case, right? Not so fast. History and shareholder responsibilities might be telling a different story. Technically, Cubic has nothing to do with Abraxas Applications, which is behind TrapWire. But there are some historical vestiges as well as current shareholder arrangements that make the connections between Cubic, Abraxas Applications and Abraxas Corp. far more muddled than initially portrayed. People are saying that TrapWire is linked to Anonymizer -- popular among activists and at-risk populations -- because  Abraxas Corporation acquired Anonymizer in 2008. Abraxas Corporation's parent company Cubic Corporation issued a statement saying that Cubic -- and its Abraxas Corporation -- have no affiliation with TrapWire, which they say is the product of a separate company, Abraxas Applications. Cubic Corporation acquired Abraxas Corporation in November 2010 for $124 million. Cubic has three units focused on defense systems, mission services and transportation for military operations. Trapwire's software is designed to thwart terrorist threats and criminal attacks. In other words, Cubic and the two Abraxas companies live in opposite ends of the same neighborhood. It's also true that Abraxas Applications was spun off -- out of Abraxas Corporation -- into its own software business in 2007, before the Anonymizer acquisition. Abraxas Corporation developed TrapWire beginning in 2004 (PDF link to report of work shared between Abraxas Corporation and Abraxas Applications). When TrapWire became ready to sell as a commercial product, Abraxas Applications was launched to do so in 2007. The intent for Abraxas Applications at the outset was to have both Abraxas projects play together under the direction of both companies' former CEO, Hollis Helm, former chief of the CIA's National Resources Division. The Abraxas twins certainly shared the same playground for the first three years of Applications -- and TrapWire's -- development. Cubic Corporation wasn't the Abraxas Applications parent company during the development of TrapWire. But here's where the ties between the three companies become a bit more nuanced. It's important to note that as part of the 2010 merger, Ntrepid Corporation was assigned to Abraxas Corporation shareholders, which in turn received apparent control of Abraxas Applications. As a condition of the merger, these shareholders were made to change the name of Abraxas Applications to something else: it became TrapWire, Inc. Perhaps three different company names breaks the ties between the entitities, but that's doubtful. Why? Anonymizer Inc. is a wholly owned subsidary of Ntrepid, owned by Cubic Corporation.

News Article | July 6, 2015
Site: www.businesswire.com

SAN ANTONIO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Abraxas Petroleum Corporation (“Abraxas” or the “Company”) (NASDAQ:AXAS) will host its second quarter 2015 earnings conference call on Thursday, August 6, 2015 at 10 AM Central Time (11 AM Eastern Time). Abraxas plans to announce second quarter 2015 operating and financial results prior to the call. The conference call can be accessed by dialing 888.713.4205 and entering conference code 76710027. A live webcast of the conference call can be accessed under the “Investor Relations” portion of the Company’s website at www.abraxaspetroleum.com. If you are unable to participate in the live conference call, a replay will be available through August 13, 2015 and can be accessed by dialing 888.286.8010 and entering conference code 29902751. Abraxas Petroleum Corporation is a San Antonio based crude oil and natural gas exploration and production company with operations across the Rocky Mountain, Permian Basin and onshore Gulf Coast regions of the United States. Safe Harbor for forward-looking statements: Statements in this release looking forward in time involve known and unknown risks and uncertainties, which may cause Abraxas’ actual results in future periods to be materially different from any future performance suggested in this release. Such factors may include, but may not be necessarily limited to, changes in the prices received by Abraxas for crude oil and natural gas. In addition, Abraxas’ future crude oil and natural gas production is highly dependent upon Abraxas’ level of success in acquiring or finding additional reserves. Further, Abraxas operates in an industry sector where the value of securities is highly volatile and may be influenced by economic and other factors beyond Abraxas’ control. In the context of forward-looking information provided for in this release, reference is made to the discussion of risk factors detailed in Abraxas’ filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission during the past 12 months.

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