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Aberdeen Group Inc. is a provider of fact-based business intelligence research founded in 1988, trying to "understand the implications and results of process innovation, methodology advancements, technology deployments, and business re-engineering". Wikipedia.

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News Article | April 17, 2017

Izenda and Aberdeen Group announced today that they will host an interactive webinar, “Tailor-Made Insight: Enriching Applications with Embedded Analytical Horsepower,” on Thursday, April 27 from 2-3 p.m. (ET). Speakers will include Chuck Demaree, CTO of Access, and Michael Lock, vice president of Aberdeen Research and an acknowledged embedded business intelligence (BI) expert. Software product teams need to create powerful business tools that end users find easy to use. Embedded BI is fast becoming mission critical for today’s leading software providers. In fact, according to Aberdeen Group, embedded analytics leaders are three and half times more likely to see an increase in revenue greater than 20 percent. Demaree and Lock will lead the webinar sharing their perspective on the value embedded BI brings to application developers and ultimately end users. They will review: Izenda offers an embedded self-service business intelligence (BI) and analytics platform purpose built for software companies, solutions providers and their customers. Izenda integrates seamlessly in applications to deliver BI and analytics directly to the people who need it most – application end users who want to easily analyze, visualize, and share valuable data and insights in real time. Based in Atlanta, Ga. and founded in 2007, Izenda is used by more than 10,000 organizations on a daily basis.

Customers gain library of community-reviewed budgeting, planning and forecasting templates and seamless connection with Office 365 NEW ORLEANS, LA--(Marketwired - May 17, 2017) - VenaNOLA - Vena Solutions, the fastest growing provider of cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) software, today announced two powerful additions to the company's financial software platform: Vena Exchange and integration with Office 365. The announcement was made at VenaNOLA, Vena's annual user conference in New Orleans, bringing financial executives together from around the world with keynotes, breakout sessions and panel discussions by more than 20 client and influencer speakers from a broad range of industries. "Finance users can more effectively devise budgets, plans and forecasts from a solution that provides Excel templates with baked-in best practices," said Nick Castellina, vice president and research director at Aberdeen Group. "With Vena Exchange and Office 365, Vena is further embracing the collaborative and ease-of-use needs of today's CPM customers." By integrating with Office 365, the world's most popular web-based productivity suite, and providing a library of customer-vetted Excel templates through Vena Exchange, the company is giving its users new ways to interact with and get more value from their Vena solution. "Vena is dedicated to delivering the best budgeting, revenue forecasting and reporting software on the market, and continuous innovation for our customers is always top of mind," said Don Mal, co-founder and CEO of Vena. "Office 365 and Vena Exchange mark Vena's latest innovations, offering enhanced performance, a broader range of more streamlined reporting tools and a library of best practice templates for a range of financial and industry vertical processes." Key features and benefits of Vena's new product enhancements include: Both Vena Exchange and Office 365 integration are available to existing and new clients today. Pricing is built into the company's annual subscription. About Vena Solutions Vena Solutions redefines how medium and large sized companies manage their budgeting, planning and revenue forecasting. Vena combines a centralized database, sophisticated workflow, powerful reporting and advanced analytics with Excel to create a cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) solution. The best companies in the world use Vena to get trusted numbers and insights fast. Vena is the fastest growing cloud CPM company and the only one to embrace -- not replace -- Excel. Visit us at

Detection, response and recovery time revealed to be critical for edgeless networks HALF MOON BAY, CA--(Marketwired - July 11, 2017) - A new report released today, commissioned by Cyber adAPT and conducted by Aberdeen Group, has revealed that cyber attack detection and response times have a critical status in protecting access to infrastructure and data within modern networks. New insight detailed in the report entitled 'The need for speed: faster detection requires a new type of platform', reveals that doubling detection and response speed to cyber attacks produces a median reduction of 70%, compared to the status quo*, in impact on the availability of enterprise computing infrastructure. The report also shows that improvements to detection and response speed following a data breach produces a median reduction of 30% in impact on the business, compared to the status quo*. The findings help contextualize the current cyber security climate, which McKinsey and the World Economic Forum has previously described as one where 60% of technology executives agree the sophistication as well as the pace of attacks will increase faster than the ability of institutions to defend themselves[i]. The report also consolidates existing research from Aberdeen Group, which found: The report describes a dynamic infrastructure, which includes a mix of traditional servers, private clouds, and public clouds as "the new normal", and notes that its complexity means that using prevention-led methods cannot be successful 100% of the time. Kirsten Bay, President and CEO of Cyber adAPT commented on the new insights and wider report: "Criminals are gaining access to our networks regardless of how much money has been sent on perimeter defenses. The unique, new insights released today demonstrate the pressing need for CISOs to be able to quickly detect these inevitable breaches and act upon them immediately, if they are to limit the impact[vi]." "Furthermore, the report identifies that today's enterprise computing infrastructure is increasingly digital, edgeless and hybrid. With a vast number of firewall installations and other security tools to manage, the data demonstrates that a strategy focused on prevention alone is no longer enough – detecting anomalies and defending this blurred perimeter is simply beyond human capability." Derek Brink, Vice President and Research Fellow, Aberdeen Group and author of the report commented: "Our report shows that in securing increasingly complex computing infrastructures CISOs have a bastion of tools at their disposal. But this has only served to deliver an onslaught of alerts, which take time to filter. To regain their time advantage against attackers, CISOs need a single platform, which integrates data from multiple sources and offers optimized visibility into a rapidly changing threat landscape. This will allow them to detect threats in real-time and respond before attackers compromise information and remove access to vital infrastructure." Cyber adAPT secures every segment of the digital enterprise, finding more attacks more quickly than alternative approaches. Its patented detection platform, skwiid, monitors network traffic in real-time, detecting threats between mobile devices, IoT connections, cloud services, and the core network. Cyber adAPT has been named a Gartner Cool Vendor in 2017. Aberdeen Group is a technology industry account data, analytics and content company. Via our SaaS [Software-as-a-Service] platform "Lead Essentials," Aberdeen helps tech sales and marketing executives distill smart data science into prospect and customer engagement. We enable companies to win through our unique targeting capabilities, advanced analytics using our innovative proprietary data sources, and our original premium content engine. Learn more about Aberdeen Group at [i] The rising strategic risks of cyberattacks, McKinsey and the World Economic Forum, May 2014 [iii] Firewall Sprawl: How Complexity is Adding Cost and Increasing Risk, Aberdeen Group, 2015 [iv] The Business Value of a Security Monitoring and Analytics Platform, Aberdeen Group, 2016 [v] Security Operations in Public Cloud Services: Going With Your Strengths, Aberdeen Group, 2016.= [vi] The Need for Speed: Faster Detection Requires a New Type of Platform, research commissioned by Cyber adAPT and conducted by Derek Brink, Aberdeen Group, 2017 *The status quo for dwell times is based on the empirical data from investigations of confirmed data breaches by Verizon and its partners, between 2014-2016.

News Article | May 23, 2017

Managed Solution held their 3rd Annual Golf Charity Tournament. More than 30 sponsors, 100 golfers and 50 guests were in attendance to help raise over $10,000 for cancer research. Managed Solution officially became a presenting sponsor of their Relay for Life event held on April 29th in Oceanside. The golf tournament kicked off with a Helicopter Ball Drop 50/50 Raffle where a bucket of numbered golf balls were dropped from a helicopter hovering over a designated hole. Fifty percent of the proceeds were donated to American Cancer Society while the other fifty percent provided a cash prize to the winner. The winning golf ball was #73 belonging to Mike Shapiro.    Premium sponsors for Managed Solution's 3rd Annual Golf Tournament included Microsoft (Presenting Sponsor) and Jersey Mike’s (Lunch Sponsor). Other Hole Sponsors included Aberdeen Group, Block Advisors, Cisco, DLK Investment, Firstlink Communication LLC, Sharp Business Systems, Sound, Stone Brewing, StorageCraft and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage.    Managed Solution's charity golf tournament is an annual tradition to bring together partners, customers and friends in the community as well as raise funds to promote and support educational and charitable programs. In 2015, they raised over $6K for Just in Time Foster Youth and in 2016, they raised $10K for Computers 2 San Diego Kids. This marked the second year they hosted an Online & Live Silent Auction which brought in nearly $5K.    The tournament concluded with Cancer Survivor, Laura Gonzales, giving a touching speech about her battle with cancer into remission and an Awards Reception and Taco Bar Buffet to congratulate the tournament winners. First, second, and third place winners received invitations to play in the Randy Jones Invitational in January 2018.    About Managed Solution: Managed Solution is a Technology as a Service (TaaS) company, offering hardware, software and premium service tiers and specializes in forecasting technology infrastructure for small to enterprise sized businesses. Managed Solution provides a full spectrum of managed and professional services with an award-winning US-based 24/7 Help Desk headquartered in Southern California. Managed Solution was founded in 2002 and was quickly recognized as one of San Diego’s 40 fastest growing companies and the 27th fastest growing IT company in Southern California. Managed Solution provides IT services nationwide and is recognized as one of the top 10 National Cloud Service Providers.   About American Cancer Society: The American Cancer Society's mission is to save lives, celebrate lives, and lead the fight for a world without cancer.

More than 500 executives across the US participated in the survey, which aimed to gather insights on their workforce management efforts, identifying their challenges, best practices and future plans. Aberdeen distinguished Best-in-Class employers based on key performance indicators, including the rate at which new hires reach full productivity, optimal employee tenure versus actual employee tenure and employee compensation in comparison to the market average. Based on the data, Adecco's Best-in-Class Workforce Management Insights report sheds light on what employers are prioritizing in order to attract and retain top talent in today's competitive hiring landscape. Key findings include: "In this candidate-driven market, the burden is on employers to offer compelling reasons for candidates to join and remain with their organizations. Right now, part of the conversation is centering around wages," said Joyce Russell, president, Adecco USA. "While fair pay is a key driver in securing today's workforce, employers must also make predictions and be nimble in adopting new solutions as the meaning of 'Best-in-Class' continues to evolve," Russell added. To learn more about Best-in-Class Workforce Management Insights, please visit: About Adecco USA When we talk about us, we're really talking about our people—the best staffing and recruiting experts on the planet. They connect over 70,000 people to great jobs across the country every single day. That makes us one of America's biggest employers. Our people are also the go-to workforce management partners for a lot of Fortune 500 companies. And thousands of American workers, in almost every industry and profession, rely on them for career advice. When you're ready to find out what we can do for you, stop by one of our more than 450 locations in the U.S., or visit today. About Aberdeen Group Aberdeen Group is a technology and services company that helps tech sales and marketing executives distill smart data science into actionable moments. We help companies win through our unique targeting capabilities (using the CI Technology Data Set), advanced analytics using our own innovative proprietary and public data sources, and our original and premium content engine. Learn more about Aberdeen Group at

VenaNOLA to Feature Over 20 Speakers, CPE Training Courses, Inspiring Keynotes, Breakout Sessions and Customer Discussion Panels ALBANY, NY and TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - May 9, 2017) - Vena Solutions, the fastest growing provider of cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) software, today announced new details about next week's VenaNOLA users' conference. Taking place May 17-19 in New Orleans, VenaNOLA is now a sold-out event drawing finance executives from across the world. VenaNOLA will start with a full day of hands-on training including CPE-credit courses for participating finance and accounting leaders to meet professional development requirements. The conference continues for two more days with highlights including: Keynote speakers include industry influencer Nick Castellina, vice president and principal analyst at Aberdeen Group, and local hero Lt. General Russel L. Honoré, leader of relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. For the full VenaNOLA agenda and other details, visit About Vena Solutions Vena Solutions redefines how medium and large sized companies manage their budgeting, planning and revenue forecasting. Vena combines a centralized database, sophisticated workflow, powerful reporting and advanced analytics with Excel to create a cloud-based corporate performance management (CPM) solution. The best companies in the world use Vena to get trusted numbers and insights fast. Vena is the fastest growing cloud CPM company and the only one to embrace -- not replace -- Excel. Visit us at

The microbial communities found in the mammalian large intestine and rumen efficiently degrade many recalcitrant substrates that are resistant to the host's digestive enzymes. These communities are known from molecular profiling to be highly diverse at the species and strain level, but it may be that only certain specialized organisms ("keystone species") have the ability to initiate degradation of such substrates, thus releasing energy on which the rest of the community depends. We have recently reported that Ruminococcus bromii has a superior ability to degrade certain forms of particulate resistant starch (RS) when compared with other highly abundant species of amylolytic bacteria found in the human colon and have presented evidence that this bacterium provides an example of a keystone species within the microbial community with respect to RS fermentation. The concept of keystone species can be equally relevant to other activities, e.g., those involved in stabilizing the community.

Dambuza I.M.,Aberdeen Group | Brown G.D.,Aberdeen Group
Current Opinion in Immunology | Year: 2015

C-type lectin receptors (CLRs) comprise a large superfamily of proteins, which recognise a diverse range of ligands, and are defined by the presence of at least one C-type lectin-like domain (CTLD). Of particular interest are the single extracellular CTLD-containing receptors of the 'Dectin-1' and 'Dectin-2' clusters, which associate with signalling adaptors or possess integral intracellular signalling domains. These CLRs have traditionally been associated with the recognition of fungi, but recent discoveries have revealed diverse and unexpected functions. In this review, we describe their newly identified roles in anti-microbial host defence, homeostasis, autoimmunity, allergy and their functions in the recognition and response to dead and cancerous cells. © 2014 The Authors.

Drummond R.A.,Aberdeen Group | Brown G.D.,Aberdeen Group
Current Opinion in Microbiology | Year: 2011

Dectin-1 is an innate immune pattern recognition receptor (PRR) that, through its ability to bind β-glucans, is involved in the recognition of several pathogenic fungi. Dectin-1 can stimulate a variety of cellular responses via the Syk/CARD9 signalling pathway, including phagocytosis, cytokine production and the respiratory burst. Several advances in our understanding of Dectin-1 immunobiology have been made in recent years, including characterisation of additional signalling pathways and demonstration of its ability to directly induce the development of adaptive immunity. However, the physiological role of many of the functions of this receptor is still unclear. This review aims to provide an update on Dectin-1 and its role within antifungal immune responses, focussing on progress made in the last two years. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd.

Brown G.D.,Aberdeen Group
Cell Host and Microbe | Year: 2010

Research into the interaction of fungi with the host has provided significant contributions to mammalian immunology. Here, I briefly review the most notable of these contributions, starting from the time of Metchnikoff, and highlight their impact on our understanding of immunity. © 2010 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

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