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Fairlawn, OH, United States

Blazey S.D.,A. Schulman
Plastics Engineering | Year: 2015

A great deal of engineering goes into designing ASA (acrylonitrile-styrene-acrylate) rubber intermediates for impact, particle size, and performance characteristics that ultimately affect the final ASA refractive index. Eight trials were designed to evaluate the opacity effects of formulation on the color intensity using an orange dye. The total resin matrix was constant at 64% with the AsA rubber content fixed at 36%. ASA rubber type and content was held constant along with the additives, while varying the three resin levels. Each ASA trial was injection molded into flat chips and conditioned for 40 hours, and their L ∗ a ∗, and b ∗ color values were read using the X-Rite Color i7 spectrophotometer with the D65-10 light source. The Gladstone-Dale equation calculations for the refractive index of each AsA formulation were compared to their respective visual and L ∗ values to determine their predictive validity. It was observed that the lowest calculated refractive indices for those AsA formulations studied directly correlated to the most highly chromatic colors and lowest L ∗ values. Furthermore, utilizing the Gladstone-Dale equation offers the potential to predict the colorability of other amorphous polymer blend systems.

Druwen S.-M.,A. Schulman
Kunststoffe International | Year: 2010

A new group of materials has been developed specifically for applications with a natural surface appearance. It is possible to produce surfaces with granite, marble or felt look with opaque or semi-transparent formulations. Used with the appropriate fillers, the product range allows parts to be produced with surfaces giving the impression of felt, or a stone surface, such as granite or marble. The new product series not only permits the production of optically attractive parts, it also enhances the value of plastics. The spectrum of applications is correspondingly varied. The new compound offers numerous possibilities for customizing vehicle interiors with the new compound. The processing window is usually large enough to produce the parts reliably and in line with the quality assurance requirements. Schulaterra's suitability for numerous applications has since been tested and its conformity confirmed. However, certain long-term tests have not yet been completed.

Aft Automotive Gmbh & Co. Kg and A. Schulman | Date: 2013-04-04

A pipe system for the conducting of highly flammable liquids and method for making the pipe system. The pipe system includes at least one tubular conducting element having an inner pipe and an outer casing surrounding the inner pipe. The inner pipe and the outer casing respectively include a plastic, and the outer casing has a flame protection durability of 3 minutes at 600 C. and of 2 minutes at 800 C.

A. Schulman and Aft Automotive Gmbh & Co. Kg | Date: 2013-04-04

A pipe connection system and method of forming the pipe connection system. The pipe connection system includes at least one tubular conducting element including an inner pipe and an outer casing and at least one coupling element including an inner component and a coating. The at least one tubular conducting element and the at least one coupling element respectively include plastic and are connected to one another. Further, the coating is welded to the outer casing and the inner pipe is welded to the inner component.

A polymetaphosphate composition and method for temporarily sealing a perforation in a wellbore to facilitate a treatment therein and a well tool which can include a flow path, and a flow blocking device which selectively prevents flow through the flow path. The well tool can include a polymetaphosphate composition. A method of constructing a downhole well tool can include forming a structure of a solid mass comprising a polymetaphosphate composition, and incorporating the structure into the well tool.

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