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Nikam M.,Patel Institute of Technology | Kulkarni S.,Patel Institute of Technology | Kumar N.,Patel Institute of Technology
2016 IEEE International Conference on Recent Trends in Electronics, Information and Communication Technology, RTEICT 2016 - Proceedings | Year: 2016

A novel UWB antenna is consisting of elliptical structure with symmetrical slots which performs over Ultrawideband (UWB), an antenna with high isolation over -25dB throughout the entire band. The proposed structure is designedon an FR4 substrate with dimensions of 23mm X 38mm X 1.6mm. The configuration of antenna is designed for high isolation with reflector element on the ground plane over the entire UWBband. The proposed design also exhibits 2:1 VSWR impedance Bandwidth over the UWB band. © 2016 IEEE.

Ullah S.U.,Patel Institute of Technology
2014 IEEE Students' Conference on Electrical, Electronics and Computer Science, SCEECS 2014 | Year: 2014

Interaction between mobile antenna and human head has claimed to introduce serious health hazards, like brain tumor, nerve damage and memory loss. The antenna radiations absorbed in human body are expressed in terms of specific absorption rate (SAR). In this paper influence of circular patched electromagnetic band gap (EBG) substrate on SAR and far-field pattern of dipole phase array antenna to realize low SAR mobile antenna structure is presented. Two element dipole array antenna is used above circular patched EBG substrate, designed at 3.5 GHz frequency which is suitable for fourth generation mobile applications. As a reference model, a conventional rectangular patch EBG substrate is used. The proposed structure has found to reduce SAR in human head by 26 % to 31%. The working of the complete unit is analyzed in CST Microwave Studio® (CST MWS®). Also the effect of phase difference in array element signals on SAR is described. © 2014 IEEE.

Yoga M.J.,Shri Shivaji Institute of Engineering and Management Studies | Yambal M.P.,Shri Shivaji Institute of Engineering and Management Studies | Asore M.P.,Patel Institute of Technology
Proceedings of the 2013 International Conference on Green Computing, Communication and Conservation of Energy, ICGCE 2013 | Year: 2013

The aim of this paper is to see and analyze different product development methodologies specifically on SWET Concept & Green product design Manufacturing. Companies can achieve and be benefited by waste management and material management, saving through the reuse of original product, reduce time to market, reducing human efforts and ecological risks, cost effectiveness, improving process efficiency, and creating products and processes that are Environmental friendly throughout its life. Green design system implementation in every field is very necessary as the whole world is feared of global warming. Therefore it is necessary to think about green designing process and SWET design. The main objective of green design reduce or minimize the use of non-renewable resources, Manage renewable resources to insure sustainability and reduce with the ultimate goal of eliminating, toxic and otherwise harmful emissions to the environment, including emissions contributing to global warming © 2013 IEEE.

Poladia M.,Patel Institute of Technology | Sardar D.P.,Patel Institute of Technology
Proceedings of the 2015 International Conference on Applied and Theoretical Computing and Communication Technology, iCATccT 2015 | Year: 2015

Communication plays a predominant role in one's life and is advancing exponentially with time. In early days, we used to transmit information in analog domain but now it's done using digital techniques which are far more efficient than previous techniques. Now days, all the single carrier systems are getting swapped by multi carrier systems such as CDMA and OFDM systems for better results. The use of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing to tackle multipath fading has proved to be beneficial but large value of PAPR seems to affect the performance of this multiplexing technique. This paper focuses on two different techniques known as PRC methods and clipping methods to scale down large PAPR values. This work has been imitated using the typical OFDM system model and is interpreted using the Network Simulator - 2. © 2015 IEEE.

Meena D.,Patel Institute of Technology | Gupta H.,Patel Institute of Technology
2013 International Conference on Optical Imaging Sensor and Security, ICOSS 2013 | Year: 2013

Digital communication is a back bone of the communication over the world. This is openly available for all users. This is a major cause of attack in the network. Now how it is possible to catch the attacker. So here digital investigation takes place. This paper proposed an approach which is used the two basic concepts one is temporal data mining and another is fuzzy association rules. Using log files it is possible to classify the attacker from the normal user. This paper uses the time based investigation which gives the efficient result to detect the end user if it is attacker. © 2013 IEEE.

Gupta H.,Patel Institute of Technology | Shrivastav S.,Patel Institute of Technology | Sharma S.,Patel Institute of Technology
Proceedings - 5th International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Communication Networks, CICN 2013 | Year: 2013

Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) shows promising applications have now gained significant importance in research as well as in practice, due to their autonomous and self-maintaining nature. From a security design perspective, MANETs have no clear line of defense, i.e. no built-in security. Thus, the wireless channel is accessible to both legitimate network users and malicious attackers. Security is one of the most important issues in current networks. The most common cases of attacks in mobile Ad hoc networks can be drop of routing packages and changes in the incoming packet which aims at disrupting the network routing and overall network reduce performance. We present a AOMDV-IDS protocol for detecting a avoiding the malicious node in MANET. © 2013 IEEE.

Mehto A.,Patel Institute of Technology | Gupta H.,Patel Institute of Technology
2013 4th International Conference on Computing, Communications and Networking Technologies, ICCCNT 2013 | Year: 2013

In MANET mobile node is responsible for route establishment using wireless link where each node behave like both as a host and router. MANET encounter by number of security thread because of its open entrusted environment with little security arrangement, whether security over MANET is not to be enhance up to satisfactory level because of its characteristics. Among all of security thread worm hole is consider to be a very serious security thread over MANET. In worm hole two selfish node which is geographically very far away to each other, makes tunnel between each other to hide their actual location and try to believe that they are true neighbours and makes conversation through the wormhole tunnel. Recently research will focus over wormhole detection and prevention but existing technique having very higher false negative rate along with overloaded control packet and routing overhead. In this paper a dynamic wormhole detection and prevention technique has been proposed which is based on an hybrid model that encapsulate neighbour node and hop count method. © 2013 IEEE.

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