Saint Paul, MN, United States
Saint Paul, MN, United States

The 3M Company, formerly known as the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, is an American multinational conglomerate corporation based in St. Paul, Minnesota. 3M headquarters are in the St. Paul suburb of Maplewood, Minnesota.With $30 billion in sales, 3M employs 88,000 people worldwide and produces more than 55,000 products, including: adhesives, abrasives, laminates, passive fire protection, dental and orthodontic products, electronic materials, medical products, car-care products , electronic circuits, and optical films. 3M has operations in more than 65 countries including 29 international companies with manufacturing operations and 35 companies with laboratories. 3M products are available for purchase through distributors and retailers in more than 200 countries, and online directly from the company. Wikipedia.

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Optical films for redirecting light are described, and optical systems, such as display systems, incorporating such optical films are described.

3M and Adolfo Ibáñez University | Date: 2017-03-22

A water-resistant stress-distributing layer for use in the protection of tissue of a patient during a surgical procedure, wherein the water-resistant stress-distributing layer has opposite first and second major surfaces, and includes a hydrophobic polymer, wherein the water-resistant stress-distributing layer is to be employed in a method selected from:(i) applying an incise drape to a patient over a presurgical skin preparation followed by applying the water-resistant stress-distributing layer over the incise drape;(ii) applying the water-resistant stress-distributing layer to an incise drape to provide a water-resistant stress-distributing composite and then applying the water-resistant stress-distributing composite to the patient;(iii) applying the water-resistant stress-distributing layer to the tissue of a patient over a presurgical skin preparation, followed by applying an incise drape over the water-resistant stress-distributing layer;(iv) applying a water-resistant stress-distributing layer over a presurgical skin preparation without the use of an incise drape; and(v) applying a water-resistant stress-distributing layer over a presurgical polymeric barrier film.

Multilayer article, comprising at least one first layer containing a fluoropolymer and at least one second layer containing a silicone resin, said layers are at least partially in contact with each other and form a common interface and wherein the at least one first layer further comprises particles of mineralized carbon and wherein the fluoropolymer is curable or cured. Further provided are a method of making the multilayer articles and uses of the multilayer articles.

3M | Date: 2017-01-18

A electrical cable includes one or more conductor sets, one or more reservoirs (2450), first and second conductive shielding films (2408) disposed on opposite first and second sides of the conductor sets and the reservoirs (2450), and an adhesive layer (2440). The shielding films include cover portions and pinched portions arranged such that, in cross-section, the cover portions of the shielding films in combination substantially surround each conductor set and reservoir, and the pinched portions of the shielding films in combination form pinched portions of the cable on each side of the conductor set and on at least one side of the reservoir (2450). The adhesive layer (2440) bonds the first shielding film to the second shielding film in the pinched portions of the electrical cable. The first and second shielding films (2408) comprise respective first and second conductive layers (2420) disposed on respective first and second substrates (2410), the first and second conductive layers (2420) facing each other, and wherein in a cover portion (2410) corresponding to a reservoir (2450), the first conductive layer, but not the first substrate, comprises an opening (2420c) extending along at least a portion of the length of the electrical cable, and the first substrate in the cover portion is elongated laterally relative to the first substrate on each side of the cover portion.

3M | Date: 2017-03-29

A dental light irradiation device (1) which has a light emitting diode (15) and a heat sink (16) for dissipating heat generated by the LED. The heat sink (16) is formed of a composition which includes a polymer and a filler. The filler provides the composition with increased thermal conductivity relative to the polymer alone. The invention helps maximizing the convenience in handling of dental light devices.

3M | Date: 2017-03-01

This specification describes a method of producing a colored plastic article comprising providing a container (203) comprising a liquid colorant, the container comprising an integrated pump cap (202); coupling the container to a molding device; driving the integrated pump cap to dose the liquid colorant into a neutral plastic base material to produce a colored melted plastic that can be delivered to a mold to produce a colored plastic article.

The invention relates to a mounting member for wrapping and mounting a pollution control element in a casing of a pollution control device, the mounting member comprising: inorganic fiber material; and inorganic particles, wherein the inorganic particles are distributed throughout most of the mat and comprise an average diameter of 800 nm to 15000 nm (DV 50), preferably of 1000 nm to 15000 nm (DV 50) measured according to DIN ISO 13320.

A touch-sensitive apparatus that comprises a touch surface means, including a touch surface and a plurality of electrodes, each of the plurality of electrodes being configured and arranged to be associated with a coupling capacitance that changes in response to a capacitance-altering touch at the touch surface, and the touch surface means for providing the response; sensing means configured to generate response signals for the plurality of electrodes; each of the response signals having an amplitude responsive to the coupling capacitance at the touch surface and including a differentiated signal representation with transient portions characterizing positive-going transitions towards an upper signal level and negative-going transitions towards a lower signal level; and means for using time-varying parameters to process the response signals to provide variable gain thereto by adjusting gain for the transient portions relative to gain for portions of the response signals between the transient portions, and therein suppressing harmonics in the response signals; and thereby facilitating measurement of the response signals to determine therefrom positions of touches on the touch surface in response to changes of the coupling capacitance.

The invention relates to a composition that includes a polyolefin, hollow glass microspheres, a polar semicrystalline thermoplastic additive, and at least one of an impact modifier or a compatibilizer. Articles made from the composition, a method of making such an article by melt processing the composition, and the use of the composition are also disclosed.

Obrovac M.N.,Dalhousie University | Chevrier V.L.,3M
Chemical Reviews | Year: 2014

Most studies set out to make materials that improve on the specific capacity of graphite, usually without regard to average voltage, volumetric capacity, or the many other properties listed above that are more applicable to implementation in practical cells. One difficulty in choosing proper metrics for anodes stems from basic electrochemistry: it is not possible to calculate the energy of a single electrode. To provide motivation for using alloy anode materials and a framework for comparison, key performance metrics need to be defined. It is well-known that the volumetric and specific capacities of the active elements are far greater than that of graphite. Because all alloys expand considerably during lithiation, this volume must be accommodated somewhere within a battery. To make more informative performance comparisons, it is necessary to use a cell model, preferably one that is most representative of alloy materials application.

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