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This article presents the localities known in the Rhône-Alpes region and the close surroundings for the saproxylic beetle Cerophytum elateroides. It includes data taken from bibliography, museum and private collections, and new stations recently discovered.

Elateroidea (Elateridae, Melasidae, Eucnemidae, Throscidae) are coleoptera little known by the public except the « Taupin » Agriotes lineatus, harmful to the farming. Carnivores in the larval state, the adults Elateroidea are saproxylic or, phytophagous and develop in all the habitats, except aquatic, and in numerous biotopes. 243 species are recorded in France among which 32 were added to the general catalog since 1972. 2/3 are known for the region Rhone-Alpes which harbours a very diverse fauna, in particular boreo-alpine, with glacial relics like Selalosomus and Berninelsonius. Some endemic taxa are pointed out: Athous dejeanii from Dauphiné and Anostirus pseudosulphuripennis in the Mont Pilat. Some southern taxa are advancing from Drome, but we know of no invasive ones. This group seems very stable in terms of regional variety except local disappearances of anthropic origin. It seems however urgent to lead a detailed exploration of the old woods and their forest canopies where doubtless remain rare species attached to trees with cavities and to recommend the preservation of these.

Description of a new species of Athous, s. g. Orthathous, similar to Athous (Orthathous) tomentosus Mulsant & Guillebeau, 1855, collected in Languedoc, in the south of Massif central (France) and which appears as endemic of this region.

Adrastus luteipennis Erichson, 1841, regarded as a synonym for Adrastus rachifer Geoffroy, 1785, is in reality different from this species by several external morphological characters and by the shape of the aedeagus. It is also distinguished at first sight by its yellow uniform color, straw-coloured, and a larger size. Adrastus rachifer Fourcroy var. reitteri Buysson, 1896 = Adrastus luteipennis Erichson, 1841 syn. nov.

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