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Oradea, Romania

Ivan R.,University of Oradea | Ivan R.,Universitatii st
Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering | Year: 2012

The purpose of the scientific approach is to demonstrate the usefulness of the adoption of modern promotion techniques in the actual financialbanking sector, in addition to the classical techniques. To achieve this end, the investigation of the Romanian financial-banking sector has been deeply conducted, by evaluating the market relations existing between the financial and banking institutions and individuals, as well as promotional techniques adopted by banks, during the communication process deployed with them. Thus, in order to "survive", banks were forced to diversify its product range and use all methods to promote them. As a variable under the control of the company, promotion serves a multitude of objectives and practices the most diverse forms. Promotional activities have a bearing on, firstly, characteristics, especially intangibility, variability and inseparability. Thus, the specific of promotion services is determined by the difficulty of presenting an intangible product, not created in the moment of promotion and being able to vary. Olteanu Valericä in his "Financial-banking Marketing" states that the "nature of most products is too technical and financial and banking services plus lower level of economic culture of the customer provides a particularly important role promotion ". Integrated marketing communication offers the smooth coordination and effective control of communication steps across banks, ensuring coherence and synergy required in a highly dynamic business environment. A policy effective promotional will result in attracting new customers, maintain existing customers, informing staff in promoting, forming a positive image and enhancing overall financial banking service quality perception, eliminating concerns about variability of performance. Currently, banks are facing new challenges: must shift from mass marketing to highly individualized marketing and promotional mix elements of classical, traditional techniques - combined advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing have become sufficiently tailored marketing objectives of major banking conglomerates.

Tont G.,University of Oradea | Secara O.M.,University of Oradea | Tont D.G.,Universitatii st
Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering | Year: 2013

The Bayesian methods provide information about the meaningful parameters in a statistical analysis obtained by combining the prior and sampling distributions to form the posterior distribution of the parameters. The desired inferences are obtained from this joint posterior. An estimation strategy for hierarchical models, where the resulting joint distribution of the associated model parameters cannot be evaluated analytically, is to use sampling algorithms, known as Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods, from which approximate solutions can be obtained Both serial and parallel configurations of subcomponents are permitted The capability of time-dependent method to describe a multi-state system is based on a case study, assessing the operatial situation of studied system. The rationality and validity of the presented model are demonstrated via a case of study. The effect of randomness of the structural parameters is also examined.

Tont G.,University of Oradea | Tont G.,Universitatii st
Journal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering | Year: 2012

Multi-agent Systems (MAS) technology provide general architecture for a multilayer feedforward neural network to structure, coordinate and to model nonlinearities common in an integrated social-technical-economical system. The paper proposes to model a re-engineering process in a complex system approached by means of Multi-agent Systems organization. The case study validates the effectiveness and suitability of methodology which evaluates a systems' performance in the multi-domain hierarchical environment encompassing economical, social and technical/operational fields.

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